Founded 10 years ago by Romy Shovelton, based in rural Wales and working internationally, Wikima offers you a rich assortment of talented people with unsurpassed expertise and experience in the fields of stakeholder collaboration and whole system change.

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Creating the future in partnership with your stakeholders

These are the main advantages of collaborative working:

  • The knowledge, wisdom and creativity of a large number of people with diverse perspectives is harnessed, and insights are revealed that might otherwise remain undiscovered.
  • Because people are co-authors of the plan, they are willing to invest their energy in bringing it to fruition.
  • ‘Resistance to change’ is treated as valuable feedback.
  • Breakthrough results are much more likely to be achieved.
  • Mutually rewarding relationships with customers and other stakeholders are fostered.
  • More value is generated for more people.
  • Employees’ lives become more meaningful.

If you’d like to have a chat about creating the future through collaboration, you are warmly invited to get in touch.

We’ll be very happy to discuss your situation, ask some thought-provoking questions, offer down-to-earth guidance, and share a few insights that we’ve gathered during the past 10 years.

You’ll be under no obligation to commission our services. And if you decide to take things further, we will not present you with a cookie-cutter solution that has been rolled out a thousand times before.

Please contact Romy Shovelton, Wikima founder and director.