Non Violent ConversationsConflicts are inevitable.

Handled well, they can produce magic.

Left to fester, unacknowledged and hardened into positions, they are like an acid that can literally destroy lives, organisations and communities.

At the very least they hold back spirit, creativity and productivity.

Wikima has a commitment to practically and significantly turn festering fights into productive play. From boardrooms to factory floors, from neighbourhoods to significant international peace initiatives, we contribute to the magic of conflict.

“It was amazing … we’d been at each others throats … at complete loggerheads, for three years. In half a day you had us on the road to seeing each other differently, and we came up with four fundamentally new ways of working together … and that was just the start. There are a lot more smiles around now.”

Programme participant, major UK bank

Key tools we use in addressing conflict include:

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Change Support

Team and Partnership Building