It is widely acknowledged that 80% of change programmes fail. We see that a significant proportion of these unsuccessful initiatives have ignored key aspects of what works.

Our experience tells us that what does work is:

  • Involving the whole system: the whole organisation or community, and the whole person. Effective change requires this. Anything else is likely to be an expensive Band Aid.
  • Working at the level of meaning and value to genuinely engage people, harness their energies and gain their commitment.
  • Remembering that people commit to organisations, communities and programmes that genuinely make a difference—that somehow make the world a better place.
  • Working in partnership with clients to co-create the future.

Critically, at Wikima, while we draw on our dozens of years experience with private, public and community clients, we promise that we won’t be suggesting any off-the-shelf solution to your needs.

We won’t send in armies of external consultants with the latest jargon-rich management gizmo to do it to you. Instead, working in partnership with you, we’ll focus on good honest conversation to understand the real needs and deliver some effective magic.

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