Whether it’s the impact of a merger, the wake-up call of extraordinary competition, community breakdown or simply a desire to change the way we work together to make it more meaningful, alive and effective … most of us are faced with a need to address change in our lives. Whatever the issues, one common ingredient in successful change, is a focus on culture—the values, attitudes and beliefs we bring to a situation and the related behaviours that need to be aligned to the views we profess.

Wikima is pleased to help you both navigate inevitable change and to create the changes you wish to see. In either case we offer models and tools that actively engage leadership teams and all those affected by the change.

Recognising change as an on-going emergent process (rather than an initiative to be implemented and soon forgotten about), Wikima works alongside the leadership team to co-create an evolving programme. This does not mean that we stay around for ever. A blend of consultancy, coaching and professional development is offered, such that in-house and local teams can run with the work that’s needed, as soon as possible.

Wikima team members and partners have extensive personal in-house international business and community experience, and are great at seeing things from ‘standing in client’s shoes’. This is balanced with bringing the freshness of a view from elsewhere. We believe this combination accelerates our ability to support genuine client transformations.

Sometimes change programmes are daunting in their size, the time they are expected to take and the associated cost. There is a way to short circuit or jump-start the process. That is to rapidly address the key issues of change, identify what’s needed and provide a concentrated personal and organisational experience of changing.

To achieve this, we are proud to partner with Olivier Mythodrama Associates in bringing The Art of Leading Change—using Shakespeare’s The Tempest. This magical mystery play reveals the vital ingredients of a successful change initiative. How can we sell the need for change? Can we manage different reactions? How can we develop others to truly embrace the new?

Prospero, the exiled Duke of Milan, shows us the way:

“Mercy on us! – We split, we split!”

Gonzalo, The Tempest, Act I, Scene i

This programme focuses on the practical tasks facing those leading people through organisational change. We explore how to create the right climate, how to manage different elements incisively and how to align others to achieve the desired outcome.

“O rejoice beyond a common joy:
in one voyage all of us found ourselves,
when no man was his own!”

Gonzalo, The Tempest, Act V, Scene i

We rehearse key techniques of transformational leadership: telling a compelling story, instilling commitment and service, confronting conspirators, ‘blessing’ the emergent change, and integrating the new system. The Art of Leading Change is designed to make your next change less traumatic, more engaging, and more effective.

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