Communication and facilitation skills for authentic collaborative conversations

Collaborative Conversations

To effectively address the full complexities of life in organisations and communities, people everywhere are needing to learn how to talk together—to have real conversations and to collaborate in creating futures that matter to them. This is active work, beyond hope.

Wikima is proud to be able to help people truly communicate: to create the conditions that work … to express their views and ideas with inspiration … to hear and be heard. Much is to do with learning the art of non-judgement (and heightened discernment)—focusing attention on the underlying needs (individual, team, organisation), and developing a culture of collaboration.

Authenticity is key: addressing the underlying issues (that everyone knows are there and few may be openly admitting), saying what you really mean and bringing your whole self to the conversation.

These understandings are integral to the programmes we create with clients and are also addressed as specific training needs and workshops.

Communication Skills

By far the most common complaint in organisations and communities centres on issues of communication.

  • They never tell you what’s going on around here”
  • “It’s impossible to work with them—it’s as if we’re talking a different language”
  • “Dozens of demands cascade down on us and we never get to talk about them”
  • “Our relationship is so bad, we haven’t spoken for months. I wouldn’t know where to start”

Whatever the issues your organisation or community face, and whatever the reason Wikima are helping you and your people to work better together, conversation and communication will come into the picture.

On some projects we will recommend a separate focus and programme directed specifically at helping people to communicate effectively and authentically with each other.

Most of us have never been taught the basics of speaking and listening well: this affects as at work, socially and in the home. We address this. At the other end of the communication scale, we can assist you in handling complex conflict (see change, teams and conflict). In either case, we will be helping you to do what’s needed in the moment, to act differently, while being totally you—authentic. Without authenticity no communication can work.

Having studied this area for many years, we use a wide range of methodologies and tools. Amongst these are:

• Talkworks communication programme
• Fierce Conversations
• Non Violent Communication
• Ehama Wisdom Council work
• Neuro-Linguistic Programming
• Presence & Peak Performance (Olivier Mythodrama Associates)

Facilitation skills

Facilitation is leaders’ work. We are all leaders in various ways. Helping others to work well together is a necessary part of any leader’s role—in a team, Boardroom, distributed global organisation, community or family.

We are particularly proud to co-lead, with Olivier Mythodrama Associates, the Conducting Success—Leader as Facilitator workshops. These powerful experiences give participants an understanding of the key elements that underpin a successful meeting (from formal, to informal to 1:1) and an opportunity to rehearse and play the facilitation roles that represent their own key learning edges. The coaching is oriented to both personal and group needs.