The alignment of internal culture (attitudes, values, behaviour) with external brand and corporate reputation, plus the fundamentals of corporate social responsibility (CSR), is essential to authenticity.

Without authenticity, the power of culture, reputation and responsibility is lost:

  • The people will be disengaged—so losing the impact and productivity of bringing their whole selves to work
  • Their inability to ‘walk the talk’ will loose the ambassador potential
  • The brand and reputation will be vulnerable to voices that might undermine them
  • Without demonstrable responsibility the organisation may be seen as on a cynical spin cycle

Wikima creates multi-faceted programmes to consciously and strategically align these three vital faces of ‘who’ and ‘how’ you are as an organisation.

Integrated alignment programme

Here’s an example of the type of programme we would create with you:

  • Ensure that the leaders of the following functions are aligned: brand, CSR, organisation development and leadership development
  • Agree the scope, purpose and terms of the programme
  • Commit to working out of silos and into cross-organisational working—encouraging all to be involved
  • Review and reflect on organisational history
  • Scan the organisational environment (political, social, financial, market etc)
  • Undertake a Purpose Quest to achieve clarity on the fundamental reason for the organisation’s existence
  • Understand and act on the brand and reputation implications of the purpose
  • Implement what’s need to genuinely live the purpose and brand operationally—including CSR for all who work here

The passion for creating this alignment comes from Wikima drector Romy Shovelton’s own experience: in global strategy and marketing for a major multi-national; as an Account Director for J.Walter Thompson advertising agency; and in working with CSR since the mid 1980s—including as a consultant for Business in the Community and its member companies.

It’s time to bring together all these aspects of organisational life in a purposeful manner.