To work successfully on a large scale you need to genuinely engage and connect everyone, from each individual through to the entire organisation, community or system concerned.

In Wikima we achieve this by combining our knowledge of how people tick as individuals, with how they work together in large groups, plus how they can improve fundamental communication skills while working together.

There are a number of powerful methodologies specifically designed to work large scale. Often they share similar underlying principles, even when at first glance they seem distinct. These approaches are sometimes known as large group interventions.

Some of the most powerful understanding of large group dynamics comes from Open Space Technology (OST). Since Romy Shovelton first met Harrison Owen, the originator of OST, in 1992, Wikima has been proud to be recognised as a leading provider of Open Space advice, design and facilitation skills, based in the UK and working internationally. In 1998 we also began offering comprehensive and highly popular training workshops, primarily with Harrison Owen and Birgitt Williams.

While passionate about the elegant simplicity and power of Open Space, we also frequently design programmes around a core of Real Time Strategic Change principles, Future Search, Appreciative Inquiry, The Conference Model and other key methodologies. Perhaps you’re familiar with some?

Achieving fundamental change requires working at the personal as well as the group level. We therefore blend these large-group models with the human understanding derived from psychology, interpersonal social dynamics and the ancient wisdom of frameworks such as Ehama (see Spirit in Practice). A comprehensive understanding of communication and facilitation needs and skills completes the picture.

Underpinning all of this is a need to be real – to be authentic. No working relationships will ultimately function effectively without Making it Real in practice.

For some practical principles for running large scale engagement programmes, you might like to see how Making it Real can be applied to:

  • Meaningful visioning
  • Genuine engagement
  • Purposeful partnership
  • Collective commitment

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