If we want to connect with what’s really important to each of us, it can be helpful to get right away from business-as-usual and the pressures of daily life. Spending time closer to the natural world can bring renewal and clarity.

This is why Wikima takes groups of leaders on Leadership Adventures, for personal change and creating leadership team alignment. From Green Park to Greenland, from Hammersmith to the Himalayas, we provide anything from a taste to a feast in leadership learning together.

The sense of adventure and curiosity is balanced with a quest for deep learning and connecting with ourselves and each other. Whether for a couple of hours or a month, each adventure is designed with a clear purpose, direction and learning outcomes.

Romy Shovelton, Wikima director, has had a passion for the natural environment and far away peoples since childhood. In the past fifteen years, this passion has translated into significant international journeys.

You can read more about this in the Romy’s Adventures section of the website.

Leadership Adventure programmes

To translate adventures into leadership learning experiences, Wikima partners with some extraordinarily gifted people:

  • Nowhere Taking senior leadership teams to secluded mountain environments on Vision and Purpose Quests, to identify the future direction of their organisations.
  • John Beatty Helping leaders to visualise possibilities and how the team need to work together to deliver what’s possible. John is a world-renowned wildlife photographer and expert in small group travel to remote and hard-to-access environments and cultures.
  • Irene Kejser Personal leadership renewal for those with significant managerial and leadership experience: time and space to reflect and develop a vision of who and how you want to be now. Renewal expeditions generally take place in the wide open spaces of arctic Greenland or Norway and the deserts of Africa. Irene is an organisation consultant and Senior Associate at the Swedish Management Institute MiL.
  • Paul Schurke—Personal Stretching Experiences to take you to your next personal edge. By achieving what at first sight seems impossible and relating that to the next steps in your life, you create breakthrough. With Arctic veteran Paul Schurke (www.dogsledding.com), we use the art of working with huskies to understand and hone our own leadership skills.
  • Dido Fisher—The Art of Joining Up To successful lead others you need first to join with them. We offer you the extraordinarily powerful practical experience of this through work with horses or dogs. The potential and impact of this work has been a passion since Romy first experienced Monty Roberts, the horse whisperer in 1998. Dido works with Kelly Marks, Monty’s UK partner.
  • LeadChange We also partner with LeadChange in offering a powerful combination of horse whispering and non-directive coaching (www.leadchange.com)
  • Michele Seymour (www.balancematters.com) Our coaching colleague Michele has trained with Jan Fennel, the dog listener, and uses this work as a leadership learning tool. Michele also leads wilderness adventures.

We can also recommend:

Leaders Quest (www.leadersquest.co.uk) “Provides experience-rich, cross-disciplinary development for international leaders with a drive and passion to lead responsibly in the 21st century”.

Several of our colleagues have taken part in this work, and our partners at the Nowhere Group are helping to ensure that the leadership lessons and commitments are integrated and sustainable in the long term.

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Leading with others