From keynote, to briefing, to ‘how to’

If you are interested in anything from a taster to in-depth professional skills training, please ask for details of ways to learn about how to engage your people.

Whichever workshop your choose, we promise the learning will be both practical and entertaining. This is part of our commitment to share our own knowledge.

For many of the briefing and ‘How To’ professional skills workshops we partner with the originators of the methodologies and concepts concerned: again we believe in offering the best sources.

Based on lessons drawn from a mix of Wikima’s work and Romy’s Adventures, these keynote sessions aim to inform, entertain, engage and leave everyone reflecting on ‘what does this mean for me and my organisation/community?’.

Briefing workshops
From two hours to a full day or more, public or in-house, we’ll give you insights and experience to begin deepening your understanding of any of the methodologies or concepts we use. A popular introduction is our “All of the people” workshop: an overview and experience of what large-scale working and whole-system engagement is all about—the principles and the practicalities.

Do-it-yourself ‘how to’ workshops
For those wanting to incorporate the Wikima ways of working into their own practice, these ‘how to’ opportunities are designed to further broaden your understanding and to develop your own skills. For example:

  • How to design and facilitate workshops that will engage any number of participants in co-creating what’s needed.
  • How to use specific methodologies. Since 1998 Romy Shovelton has been instrumental in the UK training for Open Space Technology, in conjunction with Harrison Owen and Birgitt Williams.
  • How to create truly effective public participation. Community involvement or consultation seem to be everywhere these days. Now frequently required in many central and local government arenas, they increasingly face issues of resistance, relevance and true representation.

Commonly there is also much work to do in building effective partnerships between various governmental agencies, NGOs and groups representing the community.

Private sector organisations are increasingly seeing the merits of early public involvement in large development projects and new product development—and are wondering how to minimise potential future objections and maximise public or consumer approval.

The area is fraught with booby traps and there are many principles, hints and tips to pick up. Wikima has been running public participation training workshops since 1994, so if you’d like to know how to deal with some of them, please give us a call.

And if you appreciate the kind of thinking expressed in this website, please let us know what you need, and together we’ll work out the best learning options for you.