We are proud of our clients and the work we have achieved together. You can see a summary of some of our clients’ stories here.

Examples of local government projects

These examples include both organisational and community work.

UK Local Government Facilitated 250 participants, representing every UK local authority, to create and run 44 workshops and produce action plans and a 120-page report for joint action in the coming year.

Ashford Borough Council In the context of major regional economic and social development, supporting the creation of relevant public participation and the effective joint working of local, regional and national organisations.

Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council As part of an international team of architects and planners, facilitated the involvement of 1,000 people in creating practical plans for Rethinking (and Remaking) Barnsley.

Camden Council Worked with the Town Centre Management Group to develop a culture of co-operation and effective working in the Group, and to remove the impasse of the previous years.

Cotswold District Council Created a learning workshop to assist Members and Officers in their need to understand and develop greater public participation in their work.

Craigavon Borough Council Facilitated events for young people and adults to vision the future of this troubled Northern Ireland community, which includes Portadown.

Eastleigh Borough Council Brought together a wide range of organisations to agree joint action on community priorities.

East Surrey Health Authority and its partners Through targeted events, assisting the large number of individual partner organisations working in health and social services in East Surrey and West Sussex, to work more effectively together, and specifically to address improved delivery of unplanned and emergency care.

Hampshire County Council Enabled organisations from across the County to come together to create a coherent strategy for mental health training in Hampshire.

London Borough of Haringey Designed and ran an Open Space event to generate innovative and relevant input for the council’s Community Plan.

London Borough of Lewisham Facilitated the development of effective relationships internally and with the wider public. Example 1: Through a series of three large Imagining Lewisham Open Space events, involved the public in creating Lewisham as “the best place in London to live, work and learn”. Example 2: Assisted the Mayor, Cabinet and Assembly to make the transition to the new form of governance. Example 3: Created a programme to foster Life Long Learning in the borough, and bring together the activities of the many organisations involved in this issue.

London Borough of Redbridge Ran a series of Open Space events to involve the public in responding to the needs of Local Agenda 21.

Reading Borough Council Developed a year-long programme of public involvement to find solutions to the severe transport problems in and around Reading.

South Gloucestershire Council Ran a ‘celebration and issues’ Open Space event to help local environmentally focused organisations work more effectively together and with the Council.

Westminster City Council Through a series of targeted workshops, trained a wide cross-section of Officers in the principles and practice of public participation.

Winchester City Council Advised the council on the creation of relevant and attractive activities using the celebration of the Millennium as a turning point for the way services operate in the city.

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