When we work with you, we promise that:

  • The team will be large enough to handle any need you may have
  • You will work with the director of Wikima and the principals of our partner organisations. There will be no meeting the front person and then being asked to work with less senior consultants. Another place where ‘people matter’.

What do we get out of this ‘large and small of it’ philosophy?

  • Touching the world at many and varied points, we get to work with a huge range of extraordinary clients on projects that matter
  • We work and learn together with talented and inspirational colleagues
  • We have genuine choice over when we work, with whom and on what

Working with internal and external consultants

Wikima is delighted to partner with other external consultants, and with internal consultants employed by the client organisation.

We believe that clients and all the partners concerned create additional opportunities for learning and contribution this way—much as when we work with our World of Wikima partners.

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