Wikima offers you a rich assortment of talented people with unsurpassed expertise and experience in the fields of collaboration, innovation and transformation.

On this page you can read about some the people who are waiting to help you create the future of your organisation or community in partnership with employees, customers or service users, community members and other stakeholders.

Romy Shovelton

Wikima Founder and Managing Consultant

Romy Shovelton

Romy helps her clients use the principles and practices of collaboration to bring about system-wide change in their organisations and communities.

After gaining an MBA in International Business & Marketing at London Business School, she had a career in strategic planning, marketing and advertising, working with J Walter Thompson, Business in the Community and other prominent organisations.

She is a visiting tutor at Cranfield School of Management and Roffey Park leadership institute, and an affiliate of Olivier Mythodrama.

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Romy has a big heart and is in her element in big groups, getting them to do things they did not believe they could do, and having fun at the same time. Her attention to detail in planning events is immense, so that on the day everything flows smoothly. Romy has an amazing network of people who really care about the future and sustainability, and she is constantly seeking to learn from her own expeiences and those of others. I learned a lot working with Romy.

Martin Hazell

Romy’s personal interests include long distance sailing, horse and camel riding, and dog sledding expeditions. Read about Romy’s adventures

She is the creator and host of the Tyddyn Retreat—the Mid Wales Venue and Holiday Cottages, situated in rural Wales (pictured below). Tyddyn Retreat is the ideal venue for meetings, workshops, retreats, management awaydays, leadership development programmes and other kinds of gathering.

Tyddyn Retreat—the Mid Wales Venue and Holiday Cottages

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Jack Martin Leith

Wikima Associate

Jack Martin Leith, Prague, June 2015

Jack helps create enterprises that generate maximum value for customers or service users and the wider ecosystem of which the enterprise is but one interdependent part.

He is the originator of Rich Co-creation, a collaborative way of working in which all necessary ecosystem members (stakeholders and beyond) work together from the outset and on an equal footing to bring forth a mutually-beneficial result.

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Over the course of three decades, Jack has provided co-creation consulting services to a wide range of businesses and nonprofit organisations, including Findhorn Foundation (articulating its purpose), McCain Foods (conceiving a new potato product), Home Office (rethinking national police training), ABN AMRO Bank (launching a high potentials programme), Shell Learning Centre (creating a new vision and strategy), and Boosey & Hawkes (scenario planning — with Romy Shovelton).

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His writings include Creating Collaborative Gatherings using Large Group Interventions, a chapter he contributed to the Gower Handbook of Training and Development (download pdf), and Creating Greatness in the Realm Beyond Systems Thinking (download pdf), which formed part of an e-book for conference participants (download pdf).

Jack has been a council member of Association for Management Education and Development, and he has lectured at London Business School, London School of Economics and Political Science, and University of Brighton.

Tim Casswell

Wikima Associate

Tim Casswell creating Visual MinutesTim is the co-founder of Creative Connection and the School of Unknowing. He is a skilled coach and facilitator, a talented musician, the creator of Visual Minutes, and an Artist in Residence at Southbank Centre, London.

You can see him at work in the photo.

With Tim, you see the person before you see the professional – and perhaps that’s what makes him so good at what he does. He overcomes reluctance and cynicism with genuine kindness—but doesn’t miss anything of the complex undercurrents that exist in most organisations, of the relationships that for these organisations can make the difference between success and failure.

Francoise Humbert
Head of Communications, Association of European Airlines

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If you’d like to have a chat about creating the future of your organisation or community through collaboration, you are warmly invited to contact Romy Shovelton.