If we want to enable effective change in organisations and communities it is vital to involve the whole system—that is, all of those people affected, plus their whole being: mind, body and spirit. Telling their minds is insufficient. This insight gives rise to the various Wikima practices, which are outlined below.


Our work draws from an extensive, and ever expanding, range of models, methodologies, systems and skills. The aim is to keep us fresh and give you access to the approach you need rather than the tool we happen to have. Methodologies include large group working, organisational development and transformation, personal and professional development, and communication and conflict.

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Design teams

Almost all of the whole system approaches to organisation and community change are characterised by a vital investment in the planning work, with a design team. This is a well-chosen cross-section of the stakeholders to be involved in the full change. Time now ensures relevance and commitment to implementation.

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Spirit in practice

Most organisations and communities long for there to be a real and alive spirit among their people. A sense of life, energy and commitment to creating something wonderful—be it a product, service or village community centre. So:

  • How do you release and nurture that sense of spirit?
  • How do you remove the stifling controls of bureaucracy while ensuring an appropriate structure and effective feedback systems?

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Right Stuff—the creative arts and other right-brain methods

In practice, as human beings, our lives are lived as a rich tapestry of thinking, feeling, sensing, intuiting. Whether consciously or not, we are responding to life through our minds, bodies, emotions and spirits. So that’s what needs to come to work and to create our communities.

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Making it Real

Are we serious about the kinds of changes we so often apparently long for and that our organisations honestly need to survive and thrive? This is what we call Making it Real.

Making it Real—in practice

Making life in organisations and communities meaningful and real, is practical work—turning what’s not working into something effective. Real conversations to make a real difference… moving to a world we want rather than stuck in misunderstanding or the stalemate of opposition. It’s about real work, real experience, real relationships.

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Influences and passions

Spicing our Wikima recipes are a wealth of understandings gleaned from writers and thinkers we hugely respect—including Meg Wheatley, Barry Oshry, Barry Johnson and Peter Russell.

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