We are proud of our clients and the work we have achieved together. You can see a summary of some of our clients’ stories here.

Examples of national public sector projects

Cabinet Office Assisted the teams of the Regulatory Impact Unit in (1) clarifying how each contributes to the Unit’s purpose; (2) developing practical mechanisms for encouraging and maintaining links between the teams; and (3) appreciating and celebrating all that is working well in the Unit.

Department of Trade & Industry Beginning with a senior management workshop, led a series of large-scale events known as DTI 2000, involving a critical mass of the whole DTI in accelerating the ongoing Modernising the DTI programme. Created a range of individually tailored events and programmes to support specific DTI Directorates in progressing their own change programmes.

Ordnance Survey Facilitated the senior management group in identifying, prioritising and addressing critical internal and externally-facing business issues, including the creation of cross-functional teams and effective systems for ongoing momentum.

National Health Service Provided design advice and a facilitator for the major HR in the NHS conference.

Santiago, Chile On behalf of the British Embassy, ran participative events to help the poorest community in Santiago organise themselves in order to solve their own environmental problems. This project included a multi-sector high-profile workshop designed to encourage corporate and public sector involvement in the community.

Scottish Homes Helped the people of Petersburn, a very large housing estate outside Glasgow, create the kind of future they want for their community.

Small Business Service Supported a complete strategic and organisational review and transformation programme, The project required Wikima to work closely with one Directorate to develop clarity, motivation and practical collaborative working across the Small Business Service.

United Nations Environment Programme Created and facilitated an event to help members of the international Tour Operators Initiative in the practical and effective integration of sustainable development principles into their operations.

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