In supporting clients to create relationships that work and futures they really want, we see ourselves as creating delicious feasts of collaboration that deliver healthy nourishment, to satisfy whatever needs are identified. To do so, we draw from an extraordinary menu of possibilities, and we know that it’s not just the ingredients that matter, it’s how you mix ’em:

The three tasty steps to impact are:

  1. Getting started—great appetisers
  2. Creating the programme—a choice of main course
  3. Making it happen—healthy desserts

So this is the menu we recommend:

1. Getting started: great appetisers

  • Involve Wikima early—even as a sounding board for your first thoughts
  • Build leadership alignment and support any leadership transformation needed
  • Form client design teams—to co-create each programme or event and so ensure their relevance and reinforce self-responsibility and ownership
  • Determine what’s needed—including scoping the background context and establishing a clear purpose and desired outcomes for the programme.

2. Creating the programme: a choice of main course

  • Choose the core process methodologies at this point and not before.
  • Co-create a relevant programme tailored to impact specific needs.
  • Design the programme or events to genuinely engage participants.
  • Ensure a wide range of event styles that are highly experiential.
  • Pay attention to the needs of the people as whole human beings.
  • Include all learning styles and relevant ‘right-brain’ working

3. Making it happen: healthy desserts

  • Facilitate with a firm, truly participative, sensitively energetic, style
  • Debrief each event or part of the programme, to build, refine and change
  • Focus tightly on momentum and implementation, to make a real difference
  • Include client coaching in the approaches being used, to maximise skills transfer
  • Remember to appreciate and celebrate what has been achieved and learned

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