Wikima: Guiding your organisation or community towards the future that everyone wants

We blend highly participative, profound and practical processes that foster sustained collaboration and bring about the change that’s needed.

Fostering Collaborative Working

Collaborative working lies at the heart of what we do.

We work collaboratively with our clients as partners in co-creation.

We also foster collaborative work practices within the client organisation, and help the organisation collaborate fruitfully with its external stakeholders.

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Creating Vision and Strategy Together

Participative Visioning

All too often, the organisation’s vision is a bland generic statement that does nothing to motivate staff and keep them working towards a mutually-desired future.

When the vision is created by the leadership team working in partnership with a sizeable number of employees drawn from every part and every level of the organisation, it will be clear, concise, credible, communicable and compelling. The vision will be what management scholar Warren Bennis calls “a target that beckons”.

Participative Strategy Creation

Traditionally, strategy is created by the CEO and a group of senior executives, or by one of the big strategy consulting firms. Employees are then expected to buy into the strategy and engage in its implementation.

This approach is ineffective for two reasons. First, the strategy is impoverished because too few constituencies have a voice in its creation and vital perspectives are absent. Second, employees are treated as instruments of execution rather than creative collaborators.

In sharp contrast, participative strategy creation brings new voices into the process, which results in new conversations, the emergence of a strategy enriched with new perspectives, and the awakening of new passions.

When strategy is created in this participative way, its ownership is distributed throughout the organisation, and people are willing to invest their energy in its implementation.

Our participative visioning and strategy creation expertise is second to none, and we have extensive experience in using this expertise to help organisations and communities create the future. Find out more

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Aligning Culture, Values and Brand

Using a range of models and methods, we can help you align your organisation’s purpose, vision and strategy with its culture, values and brand, and its corporate social responsibility efforts. When these aspects are properly aligned, they serve as a touchstone for people’s actions and contribute to the release of the organisation’s creative potential.

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Designing Change Interventions

Bringing about a shift from the existing state of affairs to the desired state of affairs

Clients often come to Wikima because they want to bring about some kind of strategic change, and recognise the need for a change intervention that takes into account the perspectives, value requirements and dynamics of the whole system of internal and external stakeholders.

We bring extensive experience and expertise in the design of whole system change interventions. Large-scale collaborative events often play a big part in such interventions. These are designed by a team composed of people from different parts of the organisation, and from external stakeholder groups when appropriate.

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Conducting Collaborative Meetings, Workshops and Events

Creating the future cannot be done just by email and telephone. People need to get together at critical junctures to discuss issues of heartfelt concern, share perspectives, pool knowledge, develop ideas, and formulate plans for sustained collaborative action.

Whether you need to convene a meeting for six people, a workshop for 60 people or an event for 600 people, our input will ensure that the gathering runs smoothly and produces the desired results. We use a wide range of methods and provide a full or a la carte service spanning event design, logistics, invitation, hosting and facilitation. We also coach in-house facilitators. Find out more

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Promoting Collaborative Conversations

If people are to collaborate fruitfully in creating a future that matters to them, it is essential that they master the art of collaborative conversations. This means bringing their whole selves to every conversation, speaking their truth from the heart, listening without judgement, and holding each other to account in a spirit of mutual respect.

The Wikima approach to collaborative conversations is the result of many years of field research involving dozens of frameworks, models and methods. Find out more

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Expanding Creative Capability

“In the end, an organization is nothing more than the collective capacity of its people to create value.”

Lou Gerstner, Former Chairman & CEO, IBM

Innovation – by which we mean conceiving, birthing and introducing new creations that generate value for stakeholders – has become a core organisational capability. Many CEOs are now seeking to unlock the creative potential of their organisations by making them places in which every person is an innovator.

It is rarely necessary to teach people to be more creative. Everyone is already creative in his or her own way. The challenge is to create an organisational culture in which this innate creativity can be fully harnessed in service of the firm’s purpose, vision and strategy.

We can help you accomplish this. Find out more

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Nurturing Collaborative Leadership

Effective collaboration calls for a special kind of leadership.

Research conducted by Cisco Systems identified four traits shared by collaborative leaders:

  • They are authentic and follow through on their commitments.
  • They pursue transparent decision making relentlessly.
  • They view resources as instruments of action, not as possessions.
  • They codify the relationship between decision rights (e.g. Who gets to make decisions? Are all decisions tied to funding?), accountability and rewards.

Wikima provides a range of services to help nurture collaborative leadership. Find out more

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