From experience with a happily diverse client base, working on a tastily wide array of issues, Wikima has distilled a powerful approach to creating the most successful results in this type of work—for some tips see three steps to creating a great impact together. We are pleased to coach our clients in the ways we work and to transfer the process skills we use.

In practices you’ll get an idea of the range of models, methodologies, tools and skills we apply to client needs: most of these are relevant to large scale work. As a principle, we are constantly adding to our own knowledge and skills, so that we genuinely work from your needs, rather than having one ‘hammer’ that sees everything as a ‘nail’. In how we work you’ll also see that even when clients contact us to request work with a particular method (for instance, Open Space for which we are well known), we start from scratch to see which tools will be best for the job.

If you’ve never tried large scale or large group working, we’ll be happy to work with you to create an inexpensive, quick trial. Once you’ve tried it, we reckon you’ll agree it’s worth having as an option in your working kitbag.

Learning more about large scale

For an introduction to large scale events (sometimes known as large group interventions or whole system events), you might like to try:

Romy Shovelton, Wikima director, has trained with the originators of the key approaches and works in partnership with them, and with the writers of the above publications, to bring you workshops on the various methodologies. Let us know if you’d like to further your own skills in this work.

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